Backyard drainage issues and how we fix them

What I do if there is drainage issues and water pooling in your yard

When people have drainage issues, I often get called about water pooling in people’s yard after a big deluge of rain.  I have a process I follow to help solve the issue….


1. Ask the customer to show me the problem area
2. With them identify low spots. Water will always take the easiest path and go there first.
3. If it’s possible and in their budget recommend surface water have its own drain and drain to an open drain like the street kerb.
4. If this is not possible (budget/level of difficulty) explain that you could connect to the existing storm water. But if your storm water drainage system struggles at any point you have now created low points in your yard and water will just start coming out of the pits. I always make sure they understand this risk and still want to proceed.
5. CCTV the storm water drain to check the condition, and blockages and to locate depth and where you can connect to the under ground system. Further utility location may be required. This process costs money.
6. Again explain what can go wrong if the system struggles at any point, can’t handle the rain and that you have low points.
7. Supply an estimate to do the agreed work.
Penetrator Blocked Drains - Doran Plumbing and Drainage
Penetrator (aka Gavin) has been plumbing for over 20 years.  He has worked alongside other plumbers and in both commercial and residential plumbing.  His passion within plumbing has always been the challenge of a blocked drain…He thrives on defeating the blockages and will continue until he is satisfied he has 110% done the best he can.  His work ethic is unsurpassable and his workmanship is second to none. If there’s a blocked drain – Penetrator is your man!

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Backyard drainage issues and how we fix them

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